Photo Guide

Photos Before the Ceremony

  1. A few formally or informally posed photos of the bride and groom preparing or waiting for the ceremony to begin (for instance, dressing room shots of the bride alone, bride with mom, bride with dad, bride with maid of honor, bride with bridesmaids, groom alone, groom with mom and dad, groom with best man and groomsmen, etc.)
  2. A few candid shots of the bride and groom preparing or waiting for the ceremony (for instance, bride putting final touches on make-up or hair, mom helping adjust wedding veil, groomsmen getting boutonnieres, etc.)
  3. Photos of bride and/or groom with significant other family members or friends in attendance (for instance, brothers or sisters)
  4. Guests signing in or other guest arrival shots (usually only a handful of representative shots).
  5. Exterior and interior of the church or other wedding location (at least one or two photos for the memory of where the ceremony took place)

Photos During the Ceremony

  1. Interior of the church (or other wedding site) with guests.
  2. Lighting of church candles.
  3. Parents and other honored guests being escorted to seats.
  4. Entrance of minister (or other officiant), groom, and groomsmen.
  5. Minister, groom, and groomsmen waiting at altar.
  6. Entrance of bridesmaids (escorted or unescorted).
  7. Entrance of flower girl and ring bearer.
  8. Entrance of bride and father (or other escort).
  9. Father giving away bride.
  10. Various shots during the ceremony (usually without flash and from the back of the church, from balcony, or best available vantage point).
  11. Telephoto close-ups of bride, groom, and officiant at altar.
  12. Wide-angle shots of entire wedding party at altar.
  13. Special moments (such as bride and groom facing one another, lighting of unity candle, vows, ring exchange, kiss, presentation of bride and groom to the guests as new husband and wife).
  14. The recessional (bride and groom walking back down aisle, groomsmen escorting bridesmaids down the aisle).

Photos at the Reception

  1. Entrance of bride and groom
  2. Bride and groom being served or in food line
  3. Bride and groom at wedding party table
  4. Bride and groom during toasts (and those giving toasts)
  5. Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake
  6. Bride and groom feeding each other wedding cake
  7. Bride and groom first dance
  8. Other special dance moments (father/daughter, mother/son, etc.)
  9. Bouquet toss
  10. Garter removal/toss
  11. Bride and groom's hands/rings (ring shot)
  12. Bride's bouquet
  13. Parents and special guests at parent’s table (and other "table" shots, as appropriate, and as desired by the bride and groom)
  14. The gift table and guest book sign-in table
  15. The wedding cake
  16. Special decorative arrangements (florals, ice sculptures, etc.)
  17. Musicians and/or singers
  18. Candids of bride, groom, and family members/friends
  19. Candids of various guests, (as appropriate and as desired by the bride and groom)

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